Tuesday, December 1, 2015

As Seen On {Fixer Upper is back for a 3rd Season}!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year......BECAUSE FIXER UPPER SEASON 3 IS FINALLY HERE!!!!

Forget about a countdown to Christmas, I had a countdown to Season 3 of Fixer Uppper!

With a new season and new episodes, this means a new series I'm calling As Seen On the Fixer Upper, where I will be bringing you all of the design and decorating details each week from the show.  We see decorating shows like this on HGTV all the time, but it's hard to try to take those ideas we all love from the shows, and bring them into our homes.  So, each week, I am going to break down my favorite decorating ideas from the show and show you how to create a home like Joanna Gaines.  I will showcase some of my favroite decor items from the show and let you know where to purchase the same or similar items to help you create your very own 'fixer upper.'

Miss the As Seen On the Fixer Upper posts I did from Season 2??  Check them out here, with the links below!  

As I sit here, now, watching the very first episode of  FIXER UPPER, I am beyond excited to post about all of the design details of the first show of Season 3!!

Just look for this image, on the right-side bar, to catch my blog posts each week about HGTV's Fixer Upper.  Where I'll talk about decorating, remodeling, and Chip's goofiness!!  :)

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