Sunday, December 6, 2015

As Seen On Fixer Upper {The Nut House}

Forget about a countdown to Christmas!!  I have been counting down the days to new episodes of the FIXER UPPER on HGTV!!!

The season premiere of FIXER UPPER aired this past week, and as most expected, we were not disappointed with the amazing remodeling skills of Chip and Joanna!  So let's get to it....

The Nut House
(as they called it)

I love to feature the remodels we all swoon over from HGTV's FIXER UPPER, for many reasons.  But the biggest reason is to show people that it is easy to create a similar look and style in their home.  People think "Oh, that looks so pretty, but I could never have that.  I am sure it is expensive.  I am sure I can't find those same decorative pieces.  I could NEVER do that!"  We all watch these design shows and think our homes can never look that good.  But it can.  And it is all about dissecting the style and choosing similar pieces to create Joanna's popular farmhouse style.

I love that they are sharing the floor plans of the homes in the new season.  It really helps people get an idea of how the rooms are laid out in the space overall, and how each room relates to one another, and the size of the spaces.  And see all the walls Joanna ordered to be torn down!

The Kitchen: the heart of the home

these doors though!!!!!  

How-To Recreate the Eat-In Kitchen Area:
I loved this eat-in kitchen area just on the other side of the island.  Here are some tips and ideas to create the same look in your home!

This table is very similar to the classic farmhouse style they chose for this kitchen.  Joanna chose to do a white painted built-in bench on one side, however, you can choose a bench like this to create the same furniture layout.  The chandelier I chose is a similar 6-light shabby chic style.  The wood crate from Save-On-Crafts, one of my favorite online places for farmhouse style decor, is a great table centerpiece for holding flowers throughout every season of the year.  Joanna used a lot of these hanging flower vases in lieu of artwork.  And a couple of throw pillows for the finishing touch!

The Entry/Living Room/Dining Room:

this is a great shot of all of the rooms

every guy wants a worn-in leather couch like this!

Navy blue is the perfect accent color to camel colored leather sofas like these.  These vintage looking over-dyed rugs are very popular right now.  While they can be extremely expensive, this one is reasonably priced from RUGSUSA.

Ship lap in the bathroom?!? Yes, please!

Was anyone else almost in tears when Chip got all choked up during his anniversary surprise to Joanna?!?!  I know I was!  This is why I LOVE this show.  Not only is it a fantastic design show, but this family is so real and so incredibly sweet!!


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  2. Any chance you know where to find sofas like that!? Thanks :-) Stacy

    1. Restoration Hardware has sofas similar to this style. This style is called a Chesterfield Sofa, so if you search that, you may be able to find other places as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi, has anyone figured out where the chandelier is from? I have to have it ☺

    1. Hi Lauren,
      I never could find an exact match, just the one I listed above as a close runner up! Sorry. Knowing Joanna, it is a unique antique find.

  4. I agree; these are gorgeous renovations. It’s not easy to renovate, yet the show itself makes it look like a synch. I love the wooden doors and the kitchen table. One point you mentioned was the navy blue accent color; I couldn’t agree more! The show is amazing and it continues to be my primary inspiration for my own home projects.

  5. Any recommendations for a similar looking table, but in a 72" length? I love the option you suggested, but need something a little bigger.

  6. Any clue what the exterior gray color is?

  7. Any idea of the paint color used on the bathroom cabinets?


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