Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Holiday Decorating} Day 6: Small, Unexpected Spaces

Don't forget about the small, unexpected spaces in your home when decorating for the holidays -- guest room, bathroom, kitchen, little nooks!  They don't need a lot of decorating, just a touch of Christmas here and there to bring holiday cheer throughout your entire home!  Here are the unexpected spaces I add some holiday decor to.


Monday I talked about one small space I decorate for the holidays -- the bathroom!  

But here are a few other SMALL, UNEXPECTED spaces to decorate!

My Guest Room: 

I don't know if we will have any visitors over this year for Christmas, you never know, but this year I wanted to give the small space a little added Christmas cheer!  It is such a bright, cheery corner of my home already, it didn't take much to make a bold statement!

Welcome to the Guest Room!  

It is pretty basic for now.  Plans to do some kind of wall treatment are in store for the future.  It is such a small space it basically fits a queen size bed, a couple of end tables, and that's it. 

Welcome to my holiday Guest Room!  A little more bright and and festive! 

Here are some before and afters to show you how a couple of things thrown in for the holidays can make a big impact!

For the bedding, I added in a bright pop of red with some Ikea pillow covers. 
(The green works perfect in here for this!)
Added in another shade of red with a DIY pillow I made. 
Threw a blanket on the foot of the bed.

Then just added a wreath I already had, but wasn't using it anywhere.  I hung the wreath with a command hook so it is easy to remove after Christmas.

For the side table, all I did was swap out the artificial flowers for a miniature artificial Christmas tree.  Another one of those trees from Ikea!  And added a little snowman statue.

And I LOVE this pillow I made!  Here's how I did it! 
All you need is a pillow, some sticky felt, scissors, and a printer!

You can buy individual pieces of felt like this from the craft store (mine is from Hancock Fabrics) for about 50 cents each.  And the great thing about it, it is sticky on the back!  I already had the plain red pillow from last year's decorating. 

This is the deer head silhouette I found just by "googling" images.  You can use this one for your own projects or Google one to use.  I copy and pasted the picture onto PowerPoint, just so I could make the image bigger and print it from there.  I also changed the color to gray versus the original black so it didn't use so much ink when printing.

Once the silhouette is printed, cut it out and trace it on the BACK of the felt sticky paper.  Fuzzy side down!

Cut it out of the felt!

And just peel the back paper of the felt off and STICK!  Done! 

You could add a quick whip stitch around the perimeter of the deer for added detail or to make it a little more stable on the pillow.  But I left mine as is in case I wanted to remove it for next year.

One of my favorite DIY projects this year!

My Kitchen:


I usually leave this corner for my cookbooks, canisters from Target with all of my morning coffee supplies, and my cow creamer of course.  

So, for the holidays, I just added a Christmas picture and a sprig of greenery. 

The Christmas print was made last year with a Christmas gift bag from Target.  I just cut it to size and framed it!  What an easy and great idea for framing Christmas art around the house.  There are so many beautiful Christmas gift bags out there, what a shame that they just get used once then thrown away!

Above the refrigerator, I always have these two white vases sitting up here year round.  So I added some berries in them.  Added a Santa figurine and a block Christmas Tree from Target.  The tall Christmas Tree in the back is made from dictionary paper.  A craft I did last year.

My sister, Julie's, unexpected space she decorates for the holidays:

 Her Master Bedroom! 

  I designed my sister and brother-in-law's Master Bedroom, without them knowing anything about the space, back in 2011!  See here! 

Most of the pillows on their bed were handmade when I originally designed the room.  
But guess where the red buffalo check pillow cases are from?!?

IKEA!!!!!  Ikea! Ikea! 

Another great use for an Ikea wreath!


And we can't forget little Miss Emersyn's sweet bedroom!

I designed my niece's nursery earlier this year and I can't believe she is already 9 months this month!  Time goes by way too quickly!  See all of the details of her nursery here!

These sweet little dollhouse ornaments are from her mom's childhood collection.  Now they are being passed down to her and look so adorable in her nursery for Christmas!

Baby's 1st Christmas!

A little can go a long way!  Sometimes less is more!
I love my entire house to be in the Christmas spirit, not just the expected places. 

Christmas is exactly 2 weeks from today!  

I need to hurry up and finish my shopping!


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