Monday, December 9, 2013

{Holiday Decorating} Day 4: DIY Butcher Paper Art

I have a great, easy DIY project for you today!  It is inspired by the chalkboard art trend you are seeing everywhere.


The bathroom is one of those small spaces in your home that can't be forgotten to decorate for the holidays!  Do you decorate your bathroom for Christmas or am I the only crazy one?  Now, I don't decorate all of my bathrooms, just the half bath that guests use.  And with it being the holidays, I am sure there will be some visitors popping in from time to time.  So, it is nice to give it some small festive touches as well.

 It is such a small space, it doesn't take a lot to make a big impact.  Usually I just put a nice smelling Christmas candle in there, maybe a little Christmas statue on the lid of the toilet or fresh flowers and that is it!  Really, nothing too much.  

But this year with the chalkboard craze going on I wanted to do a little more decorating for the bathroom.  I think the idea of the chalkboard art and that hand drawn effect in the typography now is what makes us all love those beautiful chalkboard artworks.  So it's my own rendition and take on the hand drawn art for the holidays.  

I have this rather large piece of art in the bathroom that I got from Home Goods a couple of years ago.  It hangs behind the door so it is hard to get a good camera view of it.  It is a great oversized piece with lots of color for a small bathroom.

The idea of this project is to wrap the canvas print artwork like a Christmas gift basically and draw something on the front to have a similar look as all of the chalk art I love.

So, here's to putting my drawing skills to the test! 

First step is wrapping the artwork in butcher paper. 

I bought my butcher paper at Lowe's.  It is a huge roll of brown paper, really thick, that is under $10.  I use it for all kinds of things, craft projects, wrapping gifts, or home improvement projects.

I rolled it out on the floor and measured the frame before cutting.

Then, just wrap the frame with the butcher paper and tape it with masking tape.
(scotch tape won't stick, the paper is too heavy!)

 Now I just have to figure out what to draw!  I needed some inspiration and an image to look at before I decided what to draw on the blank butcher paper.  So I headed to Pinterest. 

I found this chalk art on Pinterest.  I'll give it a go! 


I looked at the picture for inspiration, and just began sketching!

The picture is all sketched out, now I just trace over it with a black Sharpie marker.


It's obviously not chalk or a chalkboard, but you get the same hand drawn look and feel that I love about the chalkboard art.  It was a fun and easy little project to add some additional holiday decor to a small space. 

I love the idea of doing this for any special occasion.  You could easily make a "Happy Birthday" sign for a child, a wedding sign, a baby shower sign!  There are a lot of creative options to drawing on butcher paper!  You could cut individual placemats out of it for the kids to draw on or even wrap your table in butcher paper for the holidays for the kids to draw and play games!

As for the rest of this small, small bathroom.  

It's hard to take pictures in here because it is SO small!  It is also very dark due to some bad lighting and a dark paint color! 

 Easy things to add for Christmas decorating in a bathroom!
1.  Fresh Holiday Towels
2.  Fresh Greenery
3.  Christmas Statue
4.  Handmade Holiday Artwork

Pick up some butcher paper the next time you're out at your local hardware store and see what you can create with it!

Only 15 more days until Christmas!!

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