Friday, December 6, 2013

{Holiday Decorating} Day 3: A Living Room for the Holidays

It's Friday!  And it is Day 3 of my 12 Days of Decorating!  Thanks for following along this week!

Little touches of Christmas go a long way.  In a living room space, its the little things like a great scented candle, new pillow covers, and some Christmas greenery that make the space feel warm and cozy!  

The snow is falling here in Indiana today!  All I want to do is curl up the couch under my blanket and drink hot chocolate!  I love how cozy my house feels at Christmas!  The twinkling of the the lights on the tree, the warm colors around the space.   I think there is just something about Christmas in general that is warm and fuzzy!  So, here is how I give my house that warm and fuzzy feeling at Christmas! ;-)

Other than the tree, I didn't make a lot of changes in the living room space. 

The only thing I added on the coffee table were a few Christmas berry pics.  I just stuck these in my faux potted plant from Ikea for an added touch of red.  

A festive picture frame I purchased last year from Target.  And a felt covered box in a chevron print also from Target that is the perfect size for another Ikea faux plant.  I am a little Ikea faux plant obsessed!! Can you tell!?!

The plaid pillow covers are new, the black and white pillows stay on the couch year round.  Both from Ikea.  I just slipped some existing pillows from my couch into the plaid pillow covers.  I might be a little Ikea obsessed too!! 

Oh, and those wreaths!!  Well, they are also from Ikea!  Surprise, surprise!  I used one around my glass vase on my dining room table too, see here.  I have been dying to hang wreaths in these frames for months now!  I was hoping it wouldn't be too much, but I LOVE how they look!  The simplicity of the wreaths keep them from going over the top! 

This is how the frames usually look.  I've hung two smaller frames inside the larger frames.  But to create the Christmas look, I removed the smaller frames in order to hang the wreaths.  See more on these frames here!

How to hang a wreath from ribbon in an open frame.

I started with the same upholstery jute webbing I used to make the banner in my dining room.

I just cut the jute webbing to size so that the wreath hung in the middle of the frame.

I looped the jute webbing through the back of the wreath and used hot glue to secure the ends together.

I looped the jute webbing around the front of the frame to the back and stapled it to the back of the frame.

That's it!  It is ready to hang!  It's a super easy way to add a little extra Christmas greenery throughout the house.

You can get this same look with any frame and any wreath, small or big.  Just make sure your wreath is slightly smaller than the inside of your frame so that is fits neatly inside and doesn't have branches hanging outside the frame area.

That's my cozy little living room!  I think I said Ikea about 20 times and I think I mentioned their faux plants about 30 times so far!  If you ever go to Ikea, pick up a few of these little plants.  It is the number 1 thing I would recommend to buy from them.  You can put them anywhere, or in my case, everywhere!!  :-)

I've had so much fun so far showing you all my ideas for Christmas this week!  There are LOTS more to come!  We are only 3 days in!  My 12 Days of Christmas will continue on Monday.  So I expect to see you all back then and hopefully some new followers as well!  I have a fun little art project to show you on Monday using butcher paper!

Enjoy your weekend!  Stay warm and safe if you have snow like I do!

Only 18 more days until Christmas! 


  1. I LOVE what you did with the wreaths from Ikea. The perfect thing for my sunroom windows!!! I'm stuck at home on this snow day, but I'm going to see if I can order them online! Thank you for the great ideas!!!

    1. Thanks! I could honestly put them everywhere in my house I love them so much! Watch out for shipping costs from Ikea, they are really high sometimes! More great ideas to come!


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