Friday, January 24, 2014

An Update on My Week + Colors Popping Up For Spring

Happy Friday!

Always happy to see Fridays arrive.  This week has been so cold, so staying inside where it is warm and working on projects from my computer as much as possible.

I did get out and do a little shopping for some new clients.

Everyone has new Spring colors and new lines of product out.  I am loving all of the color I am seeing!  Target is debuting a line in Orchid and Blush and Pinks called their Botanic Blush Collection.

You can bring in all of these colors and trends into your home in just small touches.

How about this little Ranunculus and Peony Arrangement in a Gold Vase on a stack of books for your coffee table?  I might be rushing back to Target TODAY to get this!

Or this Purple Faceted Glass Vase can be filled with your own fresh flowers to bring in some warmth on these cold, winter days.

These new ottomans are so HIGH END looking!  The gold plated metal legs are to die for!  Now, I just have to decide if I buy one for myself, or for a client.

Let's not forget the natural whites!  My favorites at Target right now!  They are killing it with the natural woods and bright whites and creams and woven basket texture.  And they go with any style. The key to doing an all NEUTRAL decor scheme is TEXTURE.  And, once again, Target nailed it with various textures in the pillows, throws, and accessories. 

There are TOO MANY pieces in this collection that I LOVE, I just can't possibly show you all of them.

Other collections I am swooning over...

White and Gold Decor Collection
Nate Berkus Spring 2014 Collection for Target
I always love what Nate Berkus brings to the table for Target.  He has some crazy things sometimes, but it is always uber chic!  And it is nice to see a little more of a 'manly' side to some of the decor at Target. 

Like this Gold Table Lamp and Decorative Woven Pillow with Side Fringe.  Who doesn't love side fringe?!?

Speaking of Fringe....

Nate Berkus Fringed Decorative Pillow
Okay, let's get back on track...

So, as I was saying, Target has once again nailed it with staying on trend!  Thank you Target for being more and more fabulous everyday! 

But I think the BIGGEST color trend I am seeing for Spring is INDIGO!  I have always loved this deep, rich subdued navy color.  And it is everywhere right now.  Think of it as the new neutral.

(Have I ever mentioned that I like to be ahead of the trends versus jumping on the trend bandwagon?!?  Well take a look at my sister's bedroom I did for her 3 years ago -- INDIGO!!)

It's all over Pottery Barn.

And at World Market.

A close up of the wonderful Ikat print on this cloth napkin.

And the great thing about this napkin is -- it's REVERSIBLE!  So you get double the pattern at a low price.

I am thinking about framing these napkins and using them as kitchen decor for a client.  Kind of like this!

And West Elm. 

And basically everywhere else I shop.  I have a lot of great go-to shopping places close to me, but don't forget about online shopping.  Most stores have online exclusives, so if you aren't on-line shopping, you might be missing some really great items and deals! 

And in other news for the week.  I finished up a design plan for a client. 

I gave them two different color options.  The first has Coral as an accent color, where the second choice is to have Green as an accent color.

The husband is from Argentina and the couple wed in Argentina.  So I had to bring in some Argentinian flair and flavor to the project!  They liked the option with the Green accent color.

The overall plan here is that the clients are getting their Oak kitchen cabinets painted white!  Woohoo!  So excited for them.  New granite countertops.  All of the walls are getting painted a soft gray.  Maybe a soft blue in the kitchen.  To be determined.  A bold accent wall in the living room on the fireplace wall with light and dark gray stripes.  A gallery wall above the tv with new bookcases.  And lots of other fun stuff in between!

Have a great weekend!  Stay warm in this Polar Vortex.  View from my office.  I shiver just looking outside!

all Target, World Market, and West Elm images are from their website


  1. that was a serious post! LOTS of great info- I am so excited to infuse some bright colors for spring, especially after this winter! Your client project looks awesome!

    1. It ended up getting a little longer than I expected!!

  2. I loved this post! Those ottomans are calling my name! I seriously may go snag that bright raspberry one!

  3. Thanks! I know, they are to die for! Target is seriously killing it right now. I wish I could just buy everything.


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