Monday, January 27, 2014

A New Look for the New Year

There are BIG CHANGES happening to my blog for the New Year!  The biggest, OBVIOUS change is up top, the new HEADER

Honestly, after looking at that picture for two years every time I looked at my blog, I was kind of getting sick of it!!  Hah!  And I have had so many great projects that I have worked on in the last two years that I thought they deserved to be showcased.  So out with the old image and in with a new title and look of my blog! 

I wanted to keep things simple and classic, like my style, so I stuck with black + white so the colors of the images in the blog would shine threw.

Don't Miss These New Areas!


Up top you will see a new look and some updated TABS.   I have updated the info for all of the TABS so be sure to check them out!  There are new HOME TOUR photos.  (and lots more to come with all of the DIY projects on the list)  I finally made my wedding album, so there are fun new wedding photos posted from the book.  Since quitting my job as a Kitchen + Bath Designer, and starting my own job, things have really changed for me.  So updating the ABOUT section was obvious!  

There are also new BUTTONS on the side not to miss.  Follow me on BLOGLOVIN, FACEBOOK, and PINTEREST.  You can now follow all of my social networks and see all of my design boards of inspiration on Pinterest.  This makes it easy to click on the link and easily follow me.  You can also now follow me on INSTAGRAM or see my recent Instagram uploads with the slideshow preview.  

I have also been busy helping my sister update her blog  So be sure to click on the link on the right side of the page to check out her page.  She will finally be getting back to blogging after having her baby!  

I'm not a pro at Blog Design but I am proud to say I have created my entire blog myself.  From creating the images and the links to making it all work together seamlessly!  Good thing there are A LOT of tutorials out there on the web!  


  1. LOVE IT JESS! It looks gorgeous! I am really impressed you did this all yourself! I love the chalkboard looking buttons on your sidebar! great great great job!!!!!!

  2. Thanks girlies! You two are always so great at commenting. Thank you so much! Good to know people actually like and SEE what I am doing. :-) I think it is starting to actually look like a big girl blog!

  3. Looks great! thanks for attaching my link- that will keep me accountable to actually POST! I might need to to make a few more changes to my site! love your buttons on the side and your instagram slideshow! I hope to post today and again on Friday maybe! Love you lots!!!


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