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Getting My Dream Kitchen.....Kind Of!

I am really excited to share a new project I am working on in my home!  Finally, the first project of the New Year!  One step closer to my DREAM KITCHEN!  Kind of...


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My husband and I bought our home almost 3 years ago now.  We have made some small upgrades in the home through the years, but one thing I have always wanted is a BACKSPLASH in our kitchen.  And I am finally getting one! 

So I might not be getting my dream kitchen quite yet, that's a bit of a stretch, but it has been a dream of mine to install a backsplash in my kitchen.  

A backsplash in my dreams would look something like this...
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Our main reason for installing a backsplash in our kitchen is for resale value.  We know this isn’t our “forever” home, so anything we can do to make our home stand-out in a town home community where everyone’s home looks the same, is great for resale value.  We plan to be here for a couple of more years, but I want to enjoy having my beautiful backsplash before we move. 

We started our search at Lowe’s.  We had seen a backsplash tile there in the past that caught our eye, so we went back to look at it again to see if we still liked it as much as we did then, and now that we are serious about doing this.  And it's right around the corner, so a quick and easy errand run for a Sunday morning! 

This WON’T be a DIY project!  Let's not get crazy!  Even though I am confident we could tackle this project ourselves, when we thought about renting a saw, learning how to install tile, and the pressure of installing this backsplash to my high standards...we decided NO on the DIY!  We will be hiring a professional to make this happen for us!   


I was looking for something interesting and something a little different than your typical generic looking tile backsplash. These are the choices that I liked and Lowe’s had IN STOCK!  I was pleasantly surprised at the options and selections that Lowe’s did have.    

And their prices are spot on with what we are wanting to spend.  When doing a project like this solely for resale value, it won’t be worth the extra money to buy the most expensive tile.  Find one that is aesthetically pleasing but won’t break the bank.  Don’t forget to look at ALL of the tile.  In most cases, you can use floor tile on the wall as well.  So think outside the box to really make a statement.  

1. Allen + Roth genuine Stone White Marble Natural Stone Mosaic Floor Tile  $11.98 per sheet
2. Carra Pinwheel Marble Natural Stone Mosaic Basketweave Wall Tile  $11.98 per sheet
3. White Venatino Marble Natrual Stone Mosaic Wall Tile $10.38 sq. ft.
4. American Olean Starting Line White Gloss Ceramic Mosaic Subway Wall Tile  $3.64 per tile
5. American Olean Delfino Stone Smokey Topaz Mixed Material Mosaic Wall Tile $11.98 per sheet
6. Style Selections White Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Penny Round Wall Tile $5.44 sq. ft.

Herringbone patterned wall tile (#1) is a modern take on the traditional subway pattern.  LOVE THIS!  Maybe my next house....
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Penny Round Tiles (#6) are making a come back!  They used to be a thing of the past in retro design or homes built anywhere from the 30's to 40's.  But with their sleek new colors and finishes, they can work in a modern home or a retro style home.  I love these as well!! And the price!

As you can see, I am drawn to MARBLE and BRIGHT WHITE!  But I just don’t think all marble is the right choice for our style kitchen.  So I am comprising and have decided on none of the above!  Instead, we chose this...

We've decided on a linear glass and stone blend, with a bit of MARBLE!  The white marble pieces will really brighten up the space against our dark walls and dark granite.

7.  Venatino Mixed Material Mosaic Wall Tile $10.98 per sheet

It helps to read the REVIEWS on materials if at all possible.  Luckily, Lowe's website had lots of GOOD reviews on this tile and even some customer photos to get an idea of what the tile will look like in our space.

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The same tile installed in a bathroom. (above)

The same backsplash tile installed in a kitchen with dark cabinets. (below)

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Don’t forget, you can get creative and change up the way you install the tile to change the look.  The popular linear tiles that come on a sheet can be installed vertically versus horizontally for a new twist.  It is a new contemporary twist on the design that can visually add height to a space.

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Here's an overall idea of what our kitchen will look like with the new backsplash.

I love the way the backsplash we chose coordinates with our stainless steel appliances with a touch of silvery glass stones.  And the darker glass strips look great against the dark granite.  Our granite, which was existing when we purchased the home, has a great variety of colors in the stone, like sea greens, and silver and black.  So this tile brings out all of those colors in a perfect way!

The conclusion I have come to is this.  The tile we buy for this kitchen, won’t be my “dream” tile or what I would pick out for myself typically.  I almost have to look at this project as a “client” design.  After all, we are doing this project for resale value of the home and not so much my personal style, so I had to choose a tile that will be attractive to the mass market.  Now I just can't wait to see it completed!  (we still have a couple more weeks for that!)

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  1. Can't wait to see this! We are in the throws of backsplash tile shopping ourselves…and eek…I think going the DIY route. Pray for me. lol!


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