Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Outfits...For Him + Her

HAPPY FRIDAY!!  Don't know what to wear for your big date night next Friday (it's Valentine's Day if you didn't know)?!?  Well I am switching gears today, and doing something a little fun and different today.  Instead of talking about home decorating and design, I am talking a little fashion today!  (Warning:  I'm no expert in fashion, these are only my opinions!)

I have pulled together two looks for him and for her, that are super cute for a date night IN or a date night OUT!

Valentine’s Day is only a week away from today!  Do you have plans yet?  Do you usually go out to a fancy 5-star romantic dinner or stay in and make dinner together?  My hubby and I change every year.  Sometimes I feel like getting all dolled-up and going out, other years its been cold and we stay in, make a yummy dinner together, then just snuggle on the couch watching movies.    

We always, always get cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake!  Best cupcakes in town!  Hands down!  I can never choose between the Red Velvet Elvis (with chocolate chunks in it) or the Pretty in Pink (strawberry flavored), my two favorites, so I usually just buy one of each so we can have a little of both.

Either way, here are some outfit ideas no matter what your V-Day plans are going to be.

The first look for the ladies is the “Date Night In” outfit.  A comfy, over-sized sweater with a heart.  Pair it with black tights and cozy slippers.  Keep the jewelry simple with heart shaped rings or earrings and a little leopard print!  Comfortable and cute for cuddling on the couch by the fire! My favorite accessories for staying in on Valentine's Day are cupcakes and a bottle of wine!     
The second look for the ladies is the “Date Night Out” with your man outfit!  I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  So even a night out on the town is still pretty Casual and Comfortable for me with just a little glam in the accessories.  It starts with your perfect fitting pair of jeans, paired with a cute blouse.  This one from J.Crew has hearts on it.  Top it off with a black Blazer to make the look a little more formal.  Also, just by tucking the shirt in and adding a fun belt, takes the look from casual to formal.  Stack on the bracelets with a fancy watch, simple earrings, and a statement necklace.  Switch out your bulky, tall winter boots for cute, little booties like these for a more sexy, evening look.  This is a very realistic ‘night out on the town’ look for me.  Especially in the winter!  

The first look for the men is the “Date Night In” outfit with a layered look.  A t-shirt expressing his love for his woman layered over a henley.  :)  All wrapped up in a cozy J.Crew cardigan and casual jeans.
The second look for the men is the “Date Night Out” with your #1 lady outfit!  A little more polished but keeping it casual still.  We are a pretty cool + casual kind of couple, can you tell?!  Keeping the dark jeans, this time we start with a red plaid shirt layered under a nice shawl sweater also from J.Crew.  (just don’t call it a “shawl” sweater or your man won’t wear it.  It doesn't sound "manly").    Take his everyday look up a notch to make it an evening, date outfit with a dressy belt, a nice watch, a pair of nice dress shoes, and he better have flowers in hand!!  These are two looks my hubby would definitely wear!  (He might actually own half of these clothes already!)

A fun way to get you in the Valentine's Day spirit!  Even though I do think Valentine's Day is a little overrated, take it for what it is and just take the time to slow down with life, indulge in a Red Velvet Cupcake and a glass of wine or 3, and just appreciate the person you are with!  I am starting to like days like this more and more.  Life can get SO busy and overwhelming now a days, that it is days like this where we can just be still for a little while and appreciate life in general! 

We haven’t decided on our Valentine’s Day plans yet, but at least I now have outfit choices!!

**All of these looks were made by Jessica on Polyvore**

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