Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time Flies: 1st Birthday Party

Well my niece officially turned ONE last week!  I can't believe how quickly the first year went by.  Time really does FLY by! 

The theme for Emersyn's First Birthday Party was TIME FLIES!  With bird accents and decor as the main focus.  My sister did a great job putting this party together very inexpensively with a little creativity using just pieces we already had.  There are so many things to buy when throwing a party, one can really get carried away.  But by keeping the party the same color scheme as Emersyn's nursery, she save A LOT of money on the all of the party decor.  I helped my sister put the party together and by using things I had, with things she had in her home, and things from Emersyn's nursery, we didn't have to purchase anything extra for party decorations.  Only invitations, the cake, some fresh flowers, and the food and beverage supplies were bought for the party.

More about the decor of Emersyn's First Birthday Party:
The ONE banner around Emersyn's high chair was made out of scrapbook paper.  The ONE was written on the paper with a marker and strung together with yarn.  The TIME FLIES banner was also made out of scrapbook paper with construction paper letters cut out and pasted on each pennant.  A banner of photos strung together below that of Emersyn at each of her 12 months.  The fabric streamers were made from scrap fabric left over from Emersyn's nursery when we made a gallery wall of embroidery hoops with fabric.  Strips of fabric were just torn and tied onto a piece of yarn.  I think the smaller scrapbook banner around her newborn keepsake shadow box might actually be a leftover from my wedding shower.  It helps to have a bin of leftover scrapbook paper and fabrics for parties and projects like this.  The large standing ONE were leftover from Christmas.  Yes, Christmas.  I used these to once spell out "NOEL" covered in red scrapbook paper.  My sister just recovered the letters to spell "ONE" and stand amongst the pictures.  All of the other framed pictures, signs, the yarn wrapped "E", and decor mainly came from Emersyn's nursery.  Okay, onto what you are waiting for -- the pictures....

*all photos were taken by me*


  1. Such an adorable party!! I think I'm going to borrow the "ONE" idea in the beginning for when Jay turns one!!!!!!

    1. Thanks! You should. It's the easiest little party decor and it look so cute!


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