Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kitchen Backsplash Install: Day 2


Today we GROUT!  

It is Day 2 of the Tile Backsplash Install.  Today we grout and clean and step back and enjoy the view!  

Here is a recap of the BEFORE...

How it was left after Day 1...minus the grout...

And the finished product...

The trim piece below the bar top granite counter was removed to include more tile backsplash in this area.  It makes a huge difference. 

All the Details and Total Price of the Project:

Tile:  Lowe's Venatino Mixed Material Mosaic Wall Tile $10.98 per sheet 
*we used 22 sheets of this tile
Grout:  Lowe's Mapei Unsanded Grout  in White 10lb. bag
* You MUST use UNSANDED grout for glass tile.  Otherwise, the grout will scratch the tile.
 Silicone or Caulk:  White
*This should match the color of your grout.
FREE (I know people!)
Thinset:  This is the stuff that goes on the wall, behind the tile so it sticks to the wall.
 Labor:  Leave it to the Professional!
*I can pick out tile all day long, I actually really could, but installing is another thing!

GRAND TOTAL: $404.68

Where did you get that?

The curtains are from Ikea.  HENNY RAND grommet curtains.  Only $35 for the pair!
The two framed Cow and Fish Butcher Chart drawings are from Z Gallerie. 
The ceramic canisters in the back corner are part of the Threshold Stoneware Chalk Canister Collection at Target.
The aged driftwood oak barstools are the Marguerite Barstools from Ballard Designs Outlet, but they also have them in-stock online.

To see how this project started, how I chose this tile, and the entire backsplash remodel project see the post from here and here!

It feels really good to finally have this project completed!  We started talking about doing this 3 years ago when we moved into the home, and I am so glad we went ahead and did it!  It makes a HUGE difference in the kitchen and will be great for our re-sale value on the home.  Adding a backsplash to a kitchen can bring you at least $1000 or even more in re-sale.  On to the next project.....


  1. Looks AMAZING!!!! My first house had a backsplash when we bought it so when we moved into our current house and it didn't have one I couldn't believe what a difference it makes in a kitchen. A backsplash to a kitchen is the pearl earrings to the LBD.

    1. Thanks! Well said, Val, well said!! :) It's a must!

  2. Wow! That looks so amazing. I everything about it!

    1. Thanks! So happy it is finally completed! Now we will see how long I can keep my kitchen this clean! :)

  3. Loving the kitchen and under $500 dollars, I'm on my way Lowe's. ..It really looks amazing


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