Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trend Spotting: Poufs!

I haven't done a Trend Spotting post in a long time!  And after a quick trip to Target the other day (lets be honest, I go to Target at least once a week for myself or for a client, but anyways) I noticed even Target was staying on trend with these Poufs!  And I must admit, Target has done an amazing job with the colors and fabrics of their poufs!

I've been noticing a heavy trend with the Pouf for a couple of years now, but this year especially, the Pouf has definitely caught my eye because they are everywhere!  They are now being sold, not only in specialty stores, but also at places like Target, Home Goods, and even Hobby Lobby.  Of course like anything else, they can range in price from only $50 up to $500 depending on the size and the material the pouf is covered in.

POUF.  Pronounced P-oo-f.  It is a piece of furniture completely covered in a cloth material, but unlike a stool, it has no visible legs or feet.  It is a large, hard cushion sturdy enough to sit on or to prop your feet on.  Also known as a Tuffet.  Tuffet is just another word for Pouf. 

Remember this nursery rhyme...

Well, who would have known, that Little Miss Muffet is sitting on a Pouf!  Or a Tuffet.  Whatever you want to call it, they are the same thing!

A Pouf is used as a footstool or a low seat. Or, just by sitting a simple tray on top a pouf, it now becomes a side table!  It can be used the same way as a traditional ottoman or stool. 

1.  via Overstock     2.  via Etsy     3.  via Etsy

In any room of your house, of course!  A pouf can be used in a bedroom for extra seating, in a walk-in closet for taking a quick seat to put on some shoes and socks, in the family room for extra seating that can be quickly tucked away under a coffee table or side table, or even in the entry way.  I love the idea of using a pouf as a foot stool in a nursery.  Or stacking a couple of poufs together in the kids' playroom for extra seating.  How about in a sunroom for a non-traditional side table?  They just look pretty.  So they can be used as a decorative accent piece in any room of the house.

These Target Poufs are a steal compared to some high end ones.  They sell for only $69.99 and are on sale right now for only $48!  So, if you have been looking to buy one, now's the time!  These are covered in a Kilim material, but Poufs can come in a wide variety of material and patterns and colors.

Most commonly, Poufs are covered in a Kilim material.  The more expensive poufs in high end stores are actually covered in vintage Kilim rugs.  Kilim is a Persian derivative for a flat tapestry-woven carpet, historically used for prayer rugs.  But new production kilims are quickly becoming a popular floor covering in Western households.  Made popular by places like Ikea, Target, and West Elm who have lowered the price with new production kilim rugs and kilim Poufs. 

I even found a tutorial on how to make your own POUF if you are up for a little DIY project!

Erika from Retropolitan Hip made a super cute Pouf out of $3 Ikea rugs.  And you know how I love Ikea!  I haven't tried this one yet, but it seems easy enough!

via The Lovely Cupboard

via Green Wedding Shoes

via The Glitter Guide

Now I really want to go out and buy a Pouf for my house! I'm thinking an outdoor Pouf for my deck as a little side table.....we'll see what I can come up with!


  1. Nice blog post! I had no idea that in the nursery rhyme; “little Miss muffet sat on a tuffet” tuffet actually referred to a pouf! Very intriguing. The pictures you picked out are absolutely gorgeous; I personally LOVE the gold pouf. I have one in my room and it goes PERFECTLY with my bronze curtains brown/gold bed sheets. I love it!

    1. Thanks for looking over the post and commenting! I love poufs and really think they are a good design staple that will be around for a long time!


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