Monday, June 2, 2014

DIY Outdoor Citronella Candle

You may have seen in my Instagram photo an awesome outdoor candle in a vintage blue mason jar this past weekend.  Well, I made that!!  I guess I can officially add "candle maker" to my resume.  I saw these on Pinterest and thought "that sounds so easy" and I have been a little obsessed with essential oils lately.  So, I decided to try out my candle making skills!  It was actually rather easy.  Just like Pinterest showed.

What You Need to Make a Citronella Candle:
glass container
wicks, preferably with metal bottom attached
no-scent, container wax
citronella essential oil 

1. pick your container
(must be able to withstand heat -- glass works perfect!)
*I decided to try out lots of different containers -- this $3 new jar from Michael's, a vintage blue Ball jar in quart size, an old REWINED jar that once had a candle in it (my all-time favorite candles in the world), and an antique tin container with my last name on it.

2. hot glue metal circle of wick to 
bottom of candle, directly in the center

3. heat wax in a double boiler
(or double pans in my case & follow directions 
on wax container for melting wax)

4. once the wax is completely liquid, carefully pour into your container
(there will be spillage, so be sure to have 
paper towels under the candle container)  

*I melted 2 containers of wax that were 2lbs each 
to make these 4 candles. 

5. put 20 or more drops of 
Citronella Oil in each container and stir
(this can vary depending on how much scent you 
are after - can do more or less)
*I buy my Essential Oils on*

6. wrap the wick around a pencil 
so that it stands straight 
(let the pencil rest on the top of the candle 
container until it is completely cool) 

7. place in refrigerator 
(leave for 3-4 hrs until completely cool and hard)
8. cut the wick 
(leave about 1/2" to 3/4" to light)

9.  ENJOY!  

10.  sit outside with a glass of wine and enjoy your Citronella Candle without the bugs!

I've used my new candle quite a few times outside now and I can say it works great!  I don't know if it keeps the bugs away (there aren't a lot of mosquitoes out yet) but it burns great and gives the night a great ambiance.


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