Friday, June 6, 2014

Indianapolis Home-A-Rama 2014 in Brookside

I toured the five homes of Home-A-Rama 2014 last night and I have great reviews!  Each home was beautiful with their own touches of style and design.  They are conveniently located door-to-door for an easy house tour.  It took about 2 hours to walk through all the homes.  There was a food truck in the neighborhood and Fountain Square Brewery tent to really make this event a Block Party!  Amidst the amazing architecture, beautiful furnishings, five perfectly staged homes, there was one that really stood out to me.  With 2 close runner ups.  One interior that just didn't stand a chance against the others (not naming names).  Now, as an Interior Designer, yes, I mainly looked at the furnishings and the lighting and the d├ęcor, but surprisingly what really stood out to me in all of the homes were the tile and the hard finishes.  I was obsessed with some of the tile finishes chosen in these homes.  Every homebuilder and designer did an exceptional job on showcasing the latest trends in design.  See for yourself!  Which home do you like the most?!?

1.  G & G Custom Homes
(also known as the "West Elm House" due to being almost fully furnished and decorated by West Elm)

This chandelier was made out of all chains!  I have never seen anything like it!  Absolutely eye catching and gorgeous!

My favorite kitchen of all five homes!  Not a great picture.  Must see in person to really appreciate it.  I think it is the amazing one-of-a-kind pendants that make it a show stopper!

Probably my favorite wall tile of all! Marble!!  I bet this was a pain in the a** to install!! 

Kind of touch to see -- but this is a white rectangular wall tile laid in a herringbone pattern.

The entire basement floor was this tile that looked like wood (point), installed in a herringbone pattern (double points)!! 

2.  Bedrock Builders

This home stood out for its grand entrance!

The longest master closet ever!  It has 3 ceiling lights, so you know it's HUGE!

His & Hers!  Look to the left and there was a toilet closet for him -- look to the right and there was a toilet closet for her!

3.  Hoss Homes

The more contemporary designed home of the group.

I mean -- just LOOK at these floors!!

This cozy wood clad room was an eye catcher as I walked down the stairs into the basement!

What a cool idea!  This mirror is made out of arrows!  Future DIY project?!?

This space on the second floor was like the quintessential "sleepover" space for kids with extra beds and everything. 

4.  M/I Homes

I LOVE this idea!  You will notice throughout the home, this builder used the wood flooring throughout the home in various places -- on the floor, on the walls!  What a great idea! 

Goes to show that amazing lighting can really "make" a room!

An inexpensive tile installed in a really interesting pattern.  This is what I love about design!

A lot of the hardwood was used various areas of the basement as you'll see.

5.  Heartwood Custom Homes

This decorative transom was throughout the walkways in the home.  Some were this style and others had glass in them.  But I loved the reoccurring pattern of a transom in all the doorways for a classic style to a new home. 

Grand ceiling in the Master Suite.

Wallpaper that looks like wood for a girl's room.

Top Design Trends Throughout All Five Homes:
{Herringbone Pattern in Tile}
Think outside of the box when it comes to laying your rectangle tiles.  They don't have to be in just a straight pattern anymore.  I am obsessed with this herringbone pattern and every home had this pattern either on the floor or on the shower walls. 

{Sliding Doors on Tracks}
Whether the home was contemporary or traditional, each home proved that the trend of the sliding track door is here and now!  Some doors were rustic and looked like barn doors and others were a crisp white contemporary style.
{Nailhead Detail}
Generally you see this decorative detail on soft materials such as sofas and headboards.  But I also noticed it a lot throughout the homes on side tables in the master bedroom or on dressers and console tables. 

{Soft Pastels and White and Gray}
A HUGE trend I was noticing was how most of the walls in all the homes were painted in very soft pastel colors of grays and cool blues.  Gray being the most popular wall paint color, with every shade of gray seen throughout the homes.  But overall, just a major reoccurrence of very light colored walls, white marble countertops, light gray flooring.  A crisp, clean look throughout all the homes, each in their own way. 
Overall, my favorite home went to Heartwood Custom Homes #5!  They were all tough contenders and I pretty much loved everything about each home.  I loved the layout of #5 home the best, it was impeccably designed (similar to my design style) and they just thought of everything in every detail here.  It felt grand and luxurious, yet very livable.  The exterior was gorgeous.  I loved the paint colors and stone on the exterior.  And it is already sold to one lucky homeowner!!
After walking through every single room of five homes that are well over 5000 sq. ft. each, it was tough remembering which house had what design detail that I loved.  So, hopefully I have all of these images under the correct home!  The home show is running three weekends in a row, ending June 22nd.  I highly encourage everyone to get out and tour these gorgeous homes if you are looking for something to do the next couple of weekends!  (And then call me when you go home and want to re-do your home after seeing all of the gorgeousness!!!) :)


  1. AHHHHH! LOVE THIS POST! I was just over there in Brookside a week ago! Tom is the Controller for Estridge Homes and he took me to one of the new constructions which was right at the end of the homearama street! Did you see their Estridge construction site??? Sometime I should get Tom to take us to another one of their homes just for fun! I geek out over this stuff. Omg…they built this cedar shake house in brookside …its to DIE FOR!
    Anyway, first house was amazing. Totally my fave!!


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