Friday, June 20, 2014

Pottery Barn Coral Art Knock-Off

I LOVE coming up with really easy and inexpensive ways to create new artwork in my home. And it is fun to experiment with new DIY artwork pieces.  It's refreshing to constantly be changing artwork throughout my home depending on the trends or on the season.  And anything can be turned into really cool art for a wall with a little creativity and a picture frame!

I found this gold placemat on clearance at Home Goods one day and just thought, "this is kind of cool, I wonder what I could do with it."  So for a couple of bucks, I bought the gold seashell shaped placemat in hopes of making something cool with it. 

After hoarding the placement for a couple of months, along with some unused Ikea frames from a past client, I decided to add some new artwork in one of my bathrooms.  The guest bath doesn't get a lot of use, so I haven't decorated the space too much.  We did add fresh new paint, a crisp white shower curtain, and a bath rug to the space when we first moved in a few years ago, but that was about it.  So, some cheap, easy artwork would be perfect for this space.  A large jar filled with seashells from my husband and I's vacations have landed in this bathroom, so it has always had a beachy tone to the space.  I thought this seashell placement would be perfect to add to that beachy vibe!

How-to Make Artwork with a Placemat

I used this Ikea frame that I already had and just popped the back of it out to make the background of the seashell.  Large Ikea frames like this come with a thick wood backer, so I used that to wrap my fabric around.  I chose just a plain white fabric as the background of the seashell for a simple, crisp look and not to interfere or distract with gold seashell.  A dark navy fabric would have looked cool too, but I had white on hand and I have nothing else navy in my bathroom.

I wrapped the board very tightly with the fabric and just used masking tape to hold it in place.  I could have used hot glue or something, but this makes it a little less permanent and a lot quicker.  I put a couple pieces of double sided tape to adhere the placemat to the fabric just so it didn't move while I was framing it.  Once the placemat and board covered in fabric was in place, under the glass, it wasn't moving!

I think it really looks like a nice, high-end piece of art!  And then I found these at Pottery Barn...

These are selling for almost $180 a piece and I created mine for under $20!!  Now that's a victory! 

Other unconventional things I have framed to turn into artwork -- napkins, fabric, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper.......I am sure there are others! 


I love hearing comments, questions, and suggestions! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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