Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Fun Black & White Playroom

What little kid doesn't dream of a playroom like this?!?  My niece is one lucky little lady to call this playroom hers!  Where she can get lost in a book while curled up on her shag rug under the tepee!  Let her creative juices flow on the hand painted chalkboard wall.  Or dance around in circles as she loves to do on her chic black & white rug!  I know my sister and her family will be creating a lot of memories in this cozy spot of their house!  

My sister's goal for her daughter's play room was to start with a neutral black & white color palette.  From there, she introduced color into the room with artwork, fabric, pillows, and her daughter's artwork!  Anyone can achieve a playroom like this!  It doesn't have to take a lot money.  All of the big pieces are from Ikea, except the tepee which was ordered online at Etsy and the sofa.

What really makes this space work was the planning my sister did ahead of time.  There is absolutely no wasted space.  Each little corner has a purpose -- reading corner, art center, storage for toys, and a place to watch cartoons!

How fun is this DIY mounted deer head made out of paper-mache?!?!

I bought the paper mache deer head at Michael's and it comes as an unfinished brown paper color.  So I spray painted it gold.  

The wood mount was also purchased at Michael's unfinished and then stained brown.  These wood plaques come in lots of different sizes and shapes for projects.  The deer head already came with a little hook on the back so we could easily just hang it on the plaque!  

One of my favorite things in the room! 

Got me thinking about some holiday decorating!!  This is an image of the same paper-mache deer head used for holiday decorating, from Micheal's website.  

Find more pictures and more details about this sweet black & white playroom on my sister's blog including my adorable niece playing in her new room!


  1. Love the gold deer head! I may have to borrow this idea =)

    1. Thanks!!!!! You should! It was probably the easiest DIY ever!

  2. love love the dear mount and tepee!! Ok. of course I love it all but seriously great idea! I would have never thought to just make that mount like you did! BRILLIANT! Would you mind giving me the info of where the tepee is from?

    1. Thanks!!!!!! The deer head was SO easy!!! And I kind of like that it is more whimsical and crafty looking for a playroom! It was so inexpensive this way too! I will ask my sister about the tepee. I know it is Etsy but not sure which shop!

  3. Do you know the Etsy shop she ordered the teepee from?


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