Thursday, October 9, 2014

Decorating a Bathroom {My Home}

I finally got around to decorating my master bathroom.  After living here for over 3 years, the room has always been unpainted (white walls) and un-decorated!  It needed painted -- in a bad way!  It was just finding the time to do it.  Well, to my surprise, I went on a weekend trip with some girlfriends over the summer, and I came home to a painted bathroom!!!!  My sweet, sweet husband took on the challenge himself while I was out of town and he did an amazing job painting the space!  

But, no worries, I had the color all picked out prior.  He knows better than to pick a paint color himself! We decided to use left over paint from the living room, which is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  This is one of my all-time favs!  I have used this color in multiple client homes and no matter what the lighting is, it looks beautiful every time!  

Our adjoining master bedroom is painted dark gray with coral accents.  So the light blue color of Sea Salt is a bright, energetic color for the bathroom that will look great again with pops of coral.  

You should always keep the Master Bedroom and Bathroom coordinating.  Especially, if they are connected.  A great tip is to paint the bathroom the accent color of the bedroom, or use the same accent colors throughout, like I am doing! 

I decided to just do a quick and easy little collage of frames for my bathroom.  I gathered a couple of coral frames from Home Goods, some more rustic, wood frames also from Home Goods, two framed art prints from Hobby Lobby, and a couple of frames I had around the house.  

I always start by laying the frames out on the floor to get the design layout.  Once I like the grouping of the frames, I snap a couple of pictures to remember what it looks like.  I look at the image before hanging every frame, to remember the exact layout and position. 

From there, I just start hanging!  And of course, choose just the right pictures to fill each frame. 

This is my secret weapon for hanging pictures - especially for gallery walls!!  It is literally a lifesaver and the easiest way to hang a smaller picture! I bought this Hang & Level tool a couple of years ago on Amazon and I use it all the time when hanging pictures.  The picture just hangs on the tab, you line it up on the wall where you want it to hang your picture, and press down on the picture frame.  The tab has a little pointy metal piece on the back side that pokes a hole into the wall so you know exactly where to put the nail or screw to hang the picture!!  SO EASY!  For only under $10, this is a must buy!

These will be images we see first thing every morning and the last thing every night.  So I decided to do some fun quotes and pictures that we love. 

The wedding photo is from my brother's wedding South Carolina.  The colors were perfect for the bathroom so I thought it was great for the space.

The black and white image is actually a fabric swatch I had lying around my office!

And this is a quote from one of my favorite Lumineer songs.

The square gray frames with the aqua and coral print are from Hobby Lobby and were under $10 each!

I now have a little area to store my perfume bottles.  And I decided to hang my headband I wore on my wedding day in here too.  It was once stuffed in the back of my make-up drawer, but now it is displayed!  So that makes me happy!

I would love to frame my builder-basic-mirror and change the lighting fixture out here.  But since this isn't a home we will be living in forever, I can live with it like this for a while!  I am just SO happy this space is finally painted and I have things on the walls!!

Decorating a bathroom can be a challenge.  What do you put on the walls of a bathroom?  It is a question I hear a lot!  Anything really!  It can be one large canvas art, some cute bathroom art about washing your hands, or just some pretty floral prints.  I think a bathroom it is a great place for bright, cheery artwork!

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