Friday, October 17, 2014

High or Low?


I have been doing some major shopping for a client recently!  All of the furnishings and decorating for a Living Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Dining Room, Guest Bedroom, and Guest Bath to be exact.  This is a new construction home that is in need of all new furnishings.  So when you are buying this many pieces at one time, it is really crucial to find some good deals and to shop around for the best prices!

Can you guess which one is HIGH and which one is LOW??


Well technically they are the same, exact piece of furniture, just different finish and color!  Same manufacturer, just sold by two different companies, at two totally different prices!



This is the Jofran Dining Room Eli Media Unit from Kittle's Furniture.  I saw this in the store and fell in love with the reclaimed wood look of the cabinet.  It was the perfect size and perfect piece that I was looking for as my client's TV media cabinet.  Only problem was, at $635, it was slightly over our $500 budget for a media cabinet.


Decor South

This is the Urban Lodge Brown 60" Console from Decor South sold online.  After loving the other one so much, I searched for the same piece online and came across this one!  It is the exact same manufacturer, exact same piece, same size and everything!  The only difference, this one only came in the darker brown finish versus the gray finish like the other one.  But the dark brown actually works better for us in my clients space.  And this one sells for only $519 with FREE shipping!  That is a savings of a side table or an extra piece of artwork on the walls!! 

It really helped my decision that I was able to see this piece of furniture in store at Kittle's before buying it online.  I could open the drawers, look at the quality, and be sure this is definitely the one to order.  

It just goes to show that it helps to shop around to really stay on budget without having to compromise high quality and high end design.  I always Google large furniture items to see who else makes the same piece at a lower price!  

Here is a sneak peak of what my client's living room will look like with this media cabinet!

Just a couple of more weeks now until final closing and move-in day!  And then I get to move in all of the pretty stuff I have been buying for them!!  (And then of course show all of you the after photos!)  

This is where we are in the building stage right now.......

wall color is Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams

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