Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DIY Tree Stump Vase Holiday Arrangement

This one is for all my country bumpkins out there!  One of my favorite things to use for Christmas decorating is fresh greens!   Whether your Christmas decor is modern or traditional, something about bringing the outdoors in with greenery and tree stumps just adds some Christmas comfort + coziness!  I try to use as much fresh greenery in my holiday decorating as possible!  Even if I have to mix in some artificial greenery here and there.  You would be surprised at how adding some sprigs of greenery around the house during the holidays really makes everything look a little more Christmasy! 

Fresh greens can be more cost effective than the really nice, expensive artificial greenery.  Especially, if you can go out in your backyard and cut your own fresh greens from trees.  You won't need a lot, just a couple of sprigs here and there!  That's what I love about this DIY project!!

It's so simple, fresh, and free!!

Use simple sprigs of greenery in these hollowed tree branches for a quick and easy arrangement on the coffee table or even for a holiday dinner centerpiece.  

For this DIY project I started with some left over tree branches I used from my holiday Craft Party.  I also made holiday ornaments with these which you can see here and here and a "JOY" banner with the tree branches shown here.

I had all of these extra stumps of wood that of course I couldn't just throw them away!!!  Ludicrous!!  So I decided to drill a hole in each one and turn them into vases!   

This is the drill bit and size I used to create the hole in the stump of wood.  I thought about using something larger, but really, this worked just fine for what I was attempting!

One down!  Two more to go!!!  It only took about 10 minutes to drill holes in all 3.  

I had some left over sprigs of greenery left over from some other holiday decorating around the house.  These are the little, tiny pieces that I couldn't use.  But they were perfect for this project because I didn't want anything really big or too tall.  

The arrangement looks best with a variety of greenery.  My favorites to use are pine, cedar, any type of fir, and boxwood (not shown).

Just do a mixture of the greenery in your new vases and instantly you have a pretty new coffee table arrangement that is woodsy + unique!!

If you are putting these on a coffee table or somewhere they will be seen from all angles, be sure to spin them around as you are arranging the sprigs of greenery to see if they are looking good from all angles!!!

My new arrangement is simple and fresh and SO easy to create for a new woodsy, natural spin on a Christmas centerpiece.  If you want your arrangement to last through the holidays you might have to use some of these single stem water picks.

Remember, these are fresh, so yes they do need water!  The greenery dries out really quickly in your warm, cozy home.  However, I did not use the water picks.  So you can do them with or without.  I may need to change them out in a week or so when they dry out.  Or you can create the arrangement for one special day and throw the sprigs away after use.

Or if you really want to get fancy with it, you could drill a larger hole at the top of the tree stump, not as deep, and place a tea light in it!  I think a group of these with tea lights as a centerpiece or on an entry way table would be gorgeous!!!

from Etsy shop Into the Rustic

For all of you city folk that can't just go out into your backyard and start cutting down trees -- these canisters from The Container Store will give you the same woodsy touch in your holiday decor.  Fill them with water and place in your fresh greens the same way!!

Woodstock Tin from The Container Store - $9.99 - $12.99

Go outside and start clipping some trees for a fresh Christmas arrangement!!  You'll be amazed at what you can do with just a few tree clippings!!


  1. You know I LOVE this and am totally jealous that I don't have this in my home! GAH! gorge!

    1. Thanks!!! :) I am so lucky to have a momma that gives me random pieces of wood and greenery to create these things!!!! She knows I am crazy like that and will gladly accept for crafty projects! ;)


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