Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Collins on Zulily

I've posted and preached and shouted from the rooftops how much I love the work and art of FOR THE LOVE OF LETTERS a local artist and shop created by Erin Barrett.  I always get SO giddy when her signs go on sale at Zulily that I just HAD to share what I purchased today!

What to know about For the Love of Letters on Zulily.......

-->   the sale will actually be from Collins.  This is the manufacturer (I think) of the signs.  So on Zulily, look for Collins to find these signs.

-->  you can get email notifications a day in advance for your favorite Zulily brands.  I am fairly new to shopping with Zulily, no kids!  So, I was pretty excited when I figured out the 'heart' next to the name of the item saves it to a favorites list and emails you a notification when that sale is arriving again!  Thanks for the heads up! 

-->  not everything on the Collins sale is created by Erin Barrett from For The Love of Letters.  I know her handwriting style by now, I have bought so many of her pieces, so I can usually tell if it is her work or not.  Look for her initials on every piece if you are unsure.

-->  i am a zulily affiliate, so you can always shop through my website! :)  zulily banner is always on the left-hand side

What I bought today on Zulily from Collins!!

These will all be for clients and projects that I am currently working on....not sure which ones yet, but they will be put to good use.  I have a couple of kids' rooms and nurseries (yes plural!!) so these signs are going to be perfect for all these rooms I am working on for the little ones! Can't wait to show them in the spaces!

I am also loving some of the brand new product For the Love of Letters has introduced......such as these banners!!  

Shop the COLLINS sale HERE or zulily anytime HERE!  

(i am a zulily affiliate and get compensated for sales, but i love their products and do not get compensated for posting and sharing my favorite items)

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