Friday, February 27, 2015

Client Design: Update

With the move-in date for this family approaching quickly, I have been focusing on the decor and furniture for this home.  The finishes, lighting, paint, flooring, and cabinets have been chosen and installed, and now it is time to focus on the furniture as the last few details come together.

I love seeing all of the finishes come together and be installed in new construction.  It is one of my favorite parts of construction.  But now I am very excited to set my focus on the interiors and the pretty details that will make this house a home.

The main focus, at this point, is the Great Room.  This is the main family room, hang out area, and tv room.  So it needs to be a showstopper, yet still casual and livable.

This is the Great Room fireplace and built-in bookcases as it was in progress.  This is the main focal point of the room.  This area sets the tone for the rest of the space -- transitional, bright, and casual.

I chose Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams for the main color throughout most of the room, with some additional paint colors in the bathrooms and bedrooms.

I use this color ALL THE TIME in homes!  If you are looking for the perfect warm gray paint -- look no further!!

A better look of the space I am working with -- way back in the early days of construction of this home.

I LOVE that this space is lined with huge windows.  There are even more windows on the opposite wall of the fireplace.  It is going to be so bright and beautiful!  Natural light makes any room look better.

A sneak peek of how the fireplace is coming along.....still needs some grout at this point. 

I worked with the client on what she envisions for the furniture and decor of the Great Room.  Our goal is to keep it beautifully designed in mainly neutrals, yet livable.  With 3 young kids, durability and comfort is very important! 

Inspiration for the space......

HGTV Dream Home 2015
from My Sweet Savannah Blog
from Decozilla
from Homebunch

from Chic Coastal Living
I have to mention that you see this room as you walk in the front door, even though it is at the back of the house.  So, it is important to add interest and lots of pattern to draw your eye in. 

You will also get a glimpse of the dining area before your eyes hit the Great Room.  So, all of those factors have to work together and all of the spaces have to work together in their own unique way.

I am pretty obsessed with this light fixture we chose to hang over the dining table!!!!  Oh, and don't mind those toilets!  They have since been moved to their appropriate places.  But you can see how open the space is from room to room.

Before I started furniture shopping it is important to look at the size and exact dimensions of your space, so that you don't buy pieces that won't fit in your space or that are even too small for your space.  Anyone can make a simple furniture plan like this for free online HERE.  

This is the basic furniture plan for the Great Room.  I now know what size sofas will work in the space.  A large sofa and smaller love seat will be perfect for this family of five.  I know that two smaller accent chairs with a small accent table between the two are needed to help balance out that symmetry.  And there is even space for an additional occasional chair in the corner with a small table and floor lamp.  This shows us what a 9'x12' rug looks like with all of the furniture.  And shows that we could even do a larger rug if we wanted to, but definitely nothing smaller.  Clients love seeing this because it really helps them visualize the new space. 

 My client and I both fell in love with this little table as soon as we saw it walking into the store.  The simple style and driftwood colored wood was perfect for the space.  It was a must buy!!

I love the style of this simple accent chair.  It wasn't too big to have two in the space, but big enough to lounge in and be comfortable.  Just had to find the perfect, fun fabric for it!

I knew this sofa would be perfect for the space because it is traditional enough to look beautiful in the space, yet casual and comfortable at the same time.

Choosing the fabrics for all of these pieces are my favorite part!

This is what we ended up getting for the space (minus the rug -- this is just one I like for now).  I think it looks very similar to our inspiration photos, but still unique and its own space.  I would never want to copy another design nor do I create the same design for multiple clients.  Each space should be unique and a little different to make it their own.  So excited to include some accessories and finishing details to this space.  Stay tuned!


  1. UM HELLO! GORGEOUS! I can't even wait to see this completed on here! You are amazing. I want to be you. ;-)

  2. :) Thanks! It has been one of my favorites!! Amazing clients help too!


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