Friday, February 20, 2015

World Market vs. Restoration Hardware Lighting

Do you love Restoration Hardware as much as I do.....but can't necessarily afford to buy everything in their stores like we would all like to do?!?  I will admit, I think some of their items and furniture are great prices because of what you are getting -- amazing quality and one of a kind pieces.  

But for other items, if you can find something similar for hundreds less, I might just go for the one that is hundreds less....after all, it is all about attaining that high-end style at an affordable budget! 

Lighting is like the jewelry of an outfit....someone once said.  It takes it to the next level.  Gives it that glam and sparkle every room (outfit) needs.  It completes a space.  Lighting is SO important to a space, and the design and style of lighting is even more important.  It can make a room a completely different space just by changing the light fixture.  

I am sharing some of my favorites from Restoration Hardware today.....but showing you a copy cat version, for much, much less from World Market! 

Obviously, there are additional details and quality and grandeur that comes along with the Restoration Hardware lighting and their higher pricing.  We are definitely not comparing apples to apples here.  But if you LOVE RH lighting like I do, and don't have a huge budget for their lighting, WM is definitely a great alternative until you can save up for the real thing! 

All of these lights were hand picked and put together by me.  This is a collection of some of my favorite lighting from World Market and Restoration Hardware.  I made sure to compare lighting with the closest dimensions for most accurate price comparisons.  All links to purchase lighting are included.  











{World Market light shown in client's kitchen}

$3595 Sale Price $2525




There you have it!  Another great way to save on lighting.  By saving hundreds of dollars on lighting, you will definitely be comprising some quality and details of the more expensive choice.  So just know what you are getting, read reviews, and understand that you get what you pay for.  Check out some other High vs. Low posts including Restoration Hardware HERE.  

Have a great weekend and stay warm!!  

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