Friday, March 6, 2015

As Seen On {Fixer Upper}

Recently, a lady looking to work with me on a future project mentioned that she loved my style and designs because it reminded her of Joanna Gaines of HGTV's Fixer Upper, her new favorite show on tv.  She said she hoped I took that as a compliment and wasn't offended by it!  ONLY THE BIGGEST COMPLIMENT EVER!  I also love Joanna Gaines, her work, and her show with her hilarious husband Chip!  So, it was a HUGE compliment to be put in the same category as Joanna Gaines.

I love Joanna's style on Fixer Upper because it is so approachable and livable.  I think that is why a lot of people seem to love this show -- her style is comfortable and casual, yet gorgeous and unique.  It's a good change from all of the overly colorful and modern styles you typically see on HGTV.  She shows the viewers a charming, rustic, country style that can be put together with items from stores you are probably already shopping at.  I've seen her use bar stools from Target, decor from Hobby Lobby, furniture from World Market and accessories from West Elm.  I shop around a lot for clients, so I notice these things!  :)

I want to share this shopping and sourcing knowledge with you.....sometimes that is the hardest part of design is knowing where to start and where to shop. So each week I will be sharing items As Seen On the Fixer Upper!  I will pick out key features from the homes -- furniture, finishes, accessories -- and let you know how you can easily recreate the same look.

I know I am a little behind, as they are mid-season of Season 2 but I may go back into Season 1 if I need to!

This week on The Fixer Upper, The Messy Mid-Century Modern house they remodeled was completely out of their comfort zone!  But I really loved what Jo did with the space and it was quite refreshing to see something a little different from her.

Of course the first thing I noticed was THAT RUG!!!  HELLO GORGEOUS!  I am dying over these styles of Moroccan shag rugs right now.  (I have 2 clients that just ordered one for their homes.)  I have a similar one in my husband's den.  

This looks a lot like the Soulk Wool Rug from West Elm. 

I can't say it is the same one for certain, but I think it is the same one!!  I really like this rug, because it fits into so many different styles with its basic, simple lines and large graphic pattern -- it can go ultra modern, traditional, or mid-century modern.

I love this rug!!  I am just not sure how practical those large tassels are.  I could see them really driving me crazy.  So if you decide to buy this rug for your home, make sure you think about that!

Love the pendants hanging in the kitchen of this Mid-Century home on the Fixer Upper.  Lighting is one of my favorite design elements.  It can MAKE a room!  So take a chance when it comes to choosing lighting.  I will make a huge impact!

You can get these same pendants at Shades of Light for $599 a piece.  These are Clear Glass Globe Hanging Lanterns.  I love the mini chandelier inside the globe!  It is a timeless, classic, elegant light. could get a similar look for half the price with these Clear Seeded Glass Globe Pendant from Shades of Light.

The chandelier in the living room is unlike any light I have seen before, but it works perfect for this space!!

It is also available from Shades of Light, called the Be Squared Modern Chandelier in bronze for $279.  Which is actually a great price for a light this size and style.

Joanna also has an online shop where you can get a lot of the products you see in the homes on Fixer Upper each week.  And don't miss her blog with photos each week showing images of the homes they remodel.

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  1. Fixer upper is mine and Toms very favorite show! Love it! Im so excited that you are going to start doing this!!! ps. Im dying for my shiplap shirts to come in :-)


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