Wednesday, March 18, 2015

As Seen On the Fixer Upper {The Raggedy Ranch}

I'm already a week behind on this.........

LAST WEEK on the show.....Chip & Jo "fixed up" this "Raggedy Ranch" into a gorgeous modern ranch for a single mom.  I have noticed Joanna stepping outside her comfort zone more and more and diversifying her style and decor a bit.  I like to see that.  It hasn't all been her typical "overly country, shabby-chic" style.  Which I also LOVE and ADORE!!!  But it is nice to see her create a variety of spaces.  So, anyway, I love this weeks (last week's) transformation because it is a little more modern for them.

The kitchen turned out gorgeous.  It looks like they used some type of quartz for the countertops, which is different than their typical carrara marble or concrete.  I love quartz countertops.  They would definitely be my #1 choice for kitchen countertops, but are also towards the top end of the price spectrum.

You can find similar barstools as Joanna used in the kitchen at Target.  A set of two of these barstools are only $90.  The hole at the top that you always see in these type of seats, are so you can put your hand in there and easily carry the barstool with one hand.  :)  You can also find them on in a variety of colors.

Carlisle Metal Barstool

The wall clock collage was a fun little twist on wall decor.  It's nice to create interesting artwork out of something besides pictures and posters all the time.  The KEY to making this work, is that all of the clocks are of similar style -- retro, modern.  This way, they coordinate and go together, yet each is unique to one another. 

You can find similar wall clocks to these at places like West Elm, IKEA, and Target.  

Modern Wall Clock Red - West Elm
IKEA Pugg Walk Clock

Geneva Plastic Wall Clock - Target

Moving on to the Family Room......

Gray and yellow is such a classic color combo these days!  It's definitely going to be here to stay.  Yellow can go a looooong way, so just a couple pops of yellow in a space can easily brighten a neutral room.

All 4 yellow pillows shown above in the family room are from West Elm.  

Crewel Circlet Pillow Cover in Horseradish
Scalloped Crewel Pillow in Horseradish

Fake plants are my #1 decor item that I buy all the time and use in every single decorating project I do.  I think each room in your home deserves either a real plants or a fake plant.  Thinking about it now.....every room of my house has a plant -- even the bathrooms!  You can never have too many.

However, with that said, I also find them to be very hard to find for a reasonable price.  I will always have my beloved IKEA plants!! :)  I just picked up 10 last week on a random trip to IKEA. But IKEA is 2 hours away for me.  I can't run there every time I need a plant for a client project.

So, I have found a few alternatives that I am enjoying as close runner-ups.

Artificial Grass Wood Planter Box
You may have seen this one on my Instagram page this week!  I really like the rustic feel with the wood planter box.  And if you have never seen this site, beware, I got sucked in and was looking at everything!!!

Hobby Lobby has a good selection of fake potted plants, but this is my favorite that I use a lot!

Plastic Boxwood in White Ceramic Pot

Fun fact of the day:  Are you familiar with the designer Holly Mathis?  You may know her blog or follow her on Instagram like I do.   Well, I found out her brother is Jimmy Don (I love that name) that makes all of the iron work on The Fixer Upper!  What a creative family!   I thought that was an interesting tid-bit!!! :)

You can see all of the photos and more products used in the Raggedy Ranch from the Magnolia shop on Joanna's blog.    Did you watch THIS week's episode yet?!?  I haven't watched it yet, so no spoiler's!  But I plan to blog about it later this week!!


  1. I loooove yellow in homes!! Its so happy and warm. As far as grey....I'm like the only person on earth who just doesn't love this grey trend. lol I'm on team brown tones. ... I can't wait to see a review from this weeks episode!! I think this was my favorite house they have ever done!

    1. Well you better jump on the gray bandwagon real quick because it's not going anywhere!! haha!!! I love that you are putting your foot down though! This week's review is already scheduled for tomorrow. This week's house was so gorgeous I could have talked about everything, but I had to narrow it down!!

  2. Do you know where the mirrors on the bedroom wall came from? I loved them, but was disappointed to not see them online.

    Thanks! - Rachel

    1. Hey Rachel!! I have seen these at Target. Try these!

      Thanks for writing and following along on my blog.

  3. Any idea on what color she used for the exterior brick? I love it!! My house needs a major face lift and I am looking for some inspiration :)


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