Wednesday, March 25, 2015

French Press + Monogram Coffee Mug

I've been thinking about buying a French Press for coffee ever since I read this article about making cold-brew coffee, because I am obsessed with iced coffees.  

I will choose an iced coffee over a hot coffee 90% of the time even on a cold day.  

Basically, what I discovered from buying iced coffee from the grocery store is that they were all cold-brewed!  Who knew!?!  I just thought it was regular (hot) coffee that was refrigerated and chilled.  From what I know, cold-brewed coffee (meant for iced coffees) is a longer brewing time that removes the bitterness from hot coffee and keeps it mild and sweet.

Cold-brewed coffee just tastes better over ice!!  

I tried their original quick + easy cold brewed coffee in a large, sealed bowl overnight, but it turned out kind of messy and kind of a pain in the butt!  :)

So, when I saved up a few World Market Explorer rewards coupons, I decided to spend it on a French Press Coffee Maker.

I didn't realize the one I picked up was RED (it was in a box), but whatever, it's a pretty red!

They had lots of different French Presses to choose from, ranging from $10 up to $40, so I chose one kind of in the middle of the price gap.

I didn't want to get the cheapest one, it was smaller and only made 3 cups of coffee -- which is basically a single serving for me!  And I didn't really want to choose the most expensive one in case this ended up being another appliance I thought I needed and didn't actually end up using that often!

And because one of the coupons was technically a birthday coupon, I decided to treat yo'self to this cute little mug also from World Market for $3!  

I love getting all these little coupons for my birthday from stores that I frequent!  It is a great way to get myself fun little gadgets and things I wouldn't normally buy myself!  Happy Birthday to me -- tomorrow!! :)

Now I am making large amounts of cold-brewed coffee at a time and storing it in the fridge.  I go ahead and add my almond milk and a little Truvia sweetener to the cold coffee and it will last in the fridge for up to a week -- if it isn't drank by then!!  

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  1. I just got one of these mugs too, and I love it! Happy Birthday to you!!


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